On a quest for the best gluten-free brownie

The W9 Market

One of my favorite places to eat and just simply hang out at is the Market on Route 9W in Palisades, NY. If you live in North New Jersey or NYC, you can take the scenic route along the Hudson River. If the drive doesn’t work up your appetite, there is an easy hiking trail right next to the Market. Go for a walk in the woods, and then finish the day off with a wide selection of Mediterranean-inspired gourmet food made of locally sourced ingredients and delicious home-baked goods, including gluten-free! I recommend their gluten-free brownie. It’s fluffy and big enough to share. For a complete menu, visit the9wmarket.com.

The Market and its sister grill bar, the Filling Station, are both located at the site of an old-time gas station. At the market, you can share a large table with other patrons or retreat to one of the smaller tables strategically tucked away around this cozy little shack. Whenever the weather permits, you are welcome to take your food outside. The outdoors dining is comprised of three distinct areas. There are picnic tables behind the Filling Station, where I spotted Scarlett Johansson in a sleeveless flannel shirt wolfing down a mean burger one summer. The rumor has it that Baryshnikov, the Russian ballet dancer, and the actor, Aidan Quinn, live in the neighborhood and frequent the place. There is also an outdoor café-style area. And my favorite, a relaxing space with comfy beach chairs looking out on the surrounding woods. There you can find me with a good book, enjoying a gluten-free meal always followed by a dessert. So next time you are driving down Route 9W, check out this little gastronomic gem. And who knows? You may get lucky and share a table with a celebrity.

Image: the9wmarket.com.